Why People Lose Relationships Even When Their Partner Loves Them

lose relationships



When a cheating partner hurts you or you watched your parents go through a painful divorce, it’s easy to fear commitment. However, the other party may not be willing to remain in the friend zone for long.


9. Untruthfulness

The only thing worse than someone not telling you what’s going on in their life is the person who lies about it. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone less than honest? Trust is one of the foundational building blocks of a partnership, and if you can’t trust each other, your relationship won’t last.

10. Sexual Incompatibility

Each person has a sex drive that is dictated by the hormones in their body. If one person has a higher drive than the other, it can cause some real issues. One party may desire to be together multiple times in a week, while the other person is satisfied just a couple of times a month.


It’s essential that even though you might not have the same drive for sex, you always consider the other person’s needs. You can quickly lose relationships if the person feels that their needs are going unmet.

lose relationshipsFinal Thoughts on Losing Relationships Even When You’re In Love

A famous songwriter once said that love is a battlefield, and this statement is absolute truth. Many folks don’t get into committed relationships because they know they take a lot of work to make things good. Even if you have a great partnership with your spouse, it didn’t just happen that way.

It would help if you always considered the needs of your spouse as well as their desires too. Communicate with them and always be honest about your feelings. If finances are an issue, then work through them so that they don’t destroy your union.

If you don’t want to lose relationships, you must be willing to give yourself completely to someone you love.


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