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Have you ever wondered if there’s a certain shade you should be wearing? Well, according to astrology, there is. You probably know certain colors can make you come across as confident and adventurous or kind and approachable. But if you’re unsure of which ones are best suited for you, we’re here to help. Read on to discover the color you should be wearing based on your zodiac sign.

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If you’re close to an Aries man or woman, you won’t be surprised that the color they radiate in is red. Maria Hayes, astrologer and founder of Trusted Astrology, explains that this “energetic, active and brilliant sign wears red to enhance these traits.” According to Hayes, red helps Aries “enhance their drive and keep them motivated as they proceed in doing their tasks.” Plus, when you see them in red, you’ll immediately notice how bold they are.

International astrologer and best-selling spiritual author Linda Berry agrees: “Red always attracts attention” and is noticed first since it often represents “fame and reputation, which makes it the best suited for this fire sign to wear.” Since Aries are spontaneous and courageous, they need a daring color to showcase their personality traits.

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Taureans are known for being short-tempered, but it’s possible certain shades can calm them down. Because of their strong will, it can be best for them to wear green to signify calm and nature. Hayes says a pine green shade “will not only help calm their minds and souls down but also help them move towards growth and development.” Green will cause this often aggressive sign to slow down, so “rather than be temperamental, they can become more pacifistic in their dealings.”

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If you’re friends with a Gemini, you know how fun they can be to spend time with. Because of their bright and sunny nature, yellow is the go-to color for this sign. “Their personality—which is as colorful as the rainbow—would be much more enhanced with the brightness that this color can give them,” says Hayes. They already spread positivity wherever they go, and in yellow, they can visually. Plus, this extroverted sign gets an “energy boost” from this color.

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Cancers love to provide comfort to those around them, whether it’s their friends or family. Hayes says these homebodies are known as the ultimate homemakers of the zodiac, so “their calming presence would always be amplified if they’re in the color blue.” This calming color will help them feel at ease and will relax their loved ones.

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Geminis aren’t the only ones who showcase their sunny dispositions in yellow. Because they’re “bubbly, sociable, and warm like the color itself,” this color can help Leos express themselves even better.

Berry agrees because “yellow is a happy color that corresponds with the warming light of the sun (ruling planet of Leo) and its life-giving qualities.”

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Virgos can be quite intense and sometimes intimidate people around them. But Berry says wearing gray or silver can calm them down. Why? Gray can “bring balance” to their lives, which is especially helpful if they’re “bombarded by too much stimuli,” she explains. Get the Virgo in your life gray sweatpants or a silver suit to pacify them and make everyone around them a little more comfortable.

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Libras strive for balance and long to feel comfortable in any situation. Because of that, the best color for Libras is a muted, mellow pink. Hayes explains this shade “makes them look physically appealing” and helps them “feel more self-assured and calm.”

Berry agrees that pink is best for Libras, because it “symbolizes love, joy, purity, happiness, romance, and brings calming and serenity to relationships.” Since Libras have a reputation for falling in love easily, a romantic color is perfect for this open, affectionate sign.

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If you know a Scorpio, you won’t be surprised that the best color for this intense sign is black. “Because of their penchant for darkness and secrets, it is a no-brainer that Scorpio’s color is black,” says Hayes. Wearing black makes them feel comfortable because it allows them to maintain a bit of mystery. She adds that it “helps them feel more connected to their authentic self.”

If you’re a Scorpio and want to mix shades up when it comes to your wardrobe, Berry recommends maroon, which is a mixture of red and black. “Wearing the combination of these two colors brings the deep consciousness of black with the action of red, adding a spark to life,” she explains.

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If you want to help Sagittarius find a different perspective, recommend that they wear purple. Hayes explains the regal shade “can also lead them to arrive at certain revelations about themselves and the world, prompting them to do something with their lives.” It’s known as a power shade for Sagittarians and is said to bring them luck, according to ColorsExplained.

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Capricorns are serious, business-minded people, so they need colors that show how professional they are. Hayes recommends dark blue because it’s “no-nonsense” and will help them seem “more confident in their ability to get the job done.”

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Aquarius unsurprisingly thrives in aqua. Hayes describes this color as helping them “not only feel more comfortable but also calm and collected regardless of their situation.” Shades of blue can also comfort people around them with their positive vibes. “This will not only help them with their troubles but also ensure that they will stand out in this crowded world,” Hayes confirms.

Berry thinks turquoise helps Aquarius “to promote movement and connection to others and their causes.” Aquarians are big thinkers who care deeply about social causes and often want to inspire others, and aqua can help aid these messages.

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This water sign does its best work in ocean blue. Hayes says that this shade “combines green, blue, and gray in the most pleasant way possible.” Wearing aqua will center this daydreaming sign and allow them to relax.

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