What Bond Girls Look Like Now

What Bond Girls Look Like Now


In 2002, ex-Bond girl Maryam d’Abo and director John Watkin created a movie called Bond Girls Are Forever as a tribute to all the women who’ve starred in James Bond movies. James Bond, the handsome guy with the unique cars and incredible skills has always been fond of beautiful women. The global success of the James Bond franchise is greatly influenced by the women who have appeared in the movies.

At Bright Side we love to refresh your memory, so here’s a list of all the Bond Girls (in chronological order) through the years. Most of those actresses became famous after their roles as Bond girls. Check out how many you remember.

1. Ursula Andress, 1962

No one could ever forget the first ever Bond girl, Honey Ryder, and her glorious scene where she walks out of the Caribbean Sea in her white bikini with her knife attached to it. Ryder was played by Ursula Andress who made fans go crazy over her.

After James Bond, she played in several movies like What’s New Pussycat and American and German TV series. She hasn’t been active in the movie industry since 2005.


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