This Daughter Wrote a Hilarious, Tongue-in-Cheek Obituary for Her Late Father

This Daughter Wrote a Hilarious, Tongue-in-Cheek Obituary for Her Late Father


Obituaries tend to be a somber recollection of a person’s life. Terry Ward’s was not ⏤ his was hilarious. When the 71-year-old Indiana-native died recently of a stroke, his daughter decided to forego all the solemnity of a traditional obiturary and instead let the world know what a funny guy her dad really was.

In it, Jean Lahm notes that Terry left behind 32 jars of Miracle Whip, 17 boxes of Hamburger Helper, and “multitudes of other random items that would prove helpful in the event of a zombie apocalypse.” She proudly said that he “escaped this mortal realm” with the belief that Blues Brothers was the greatest movie ever made and shared a list of things that he loved, which included “free beer,” “discussing who makes the best pizza,” and giving ice cream sandwiches to his grandchildren.

Of course, a man isn’t just remembered for what he loved in life. He’s also remembered for what he did in life. Which is why Jean gave a slightly tongue-in-cheek tribute to her dad’s life accomplishments, recounting how he drove one of his teachers into an early retirement and his “39 years of begrudging service” to AT&T.

While the obituary may have been the funniest tribute to a person since John Cleese’s eulogy for Graham Chapman, there were some genuinely heart-warming moments in the obituary, as well. Jean made sure to make clear just how much her dad loved his family and wrote about his time in the Army, where he served in Vietnam. She also explained that the reason she decided to go for the funny bone instead of pulling on heartstrings was that her father loved nothing more than making other people laugh.

“There was absolutely no other way to write it,” she told Inside Edition. “He lived to make other people laugh. He was just a funny, funny guy.”


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