The 9 Best Viral Dad Videos of 2018 – Fatherly

The 9 Best Viral Dad Videos of 2018 - Fatherly


The internet can be a terrible place but it’s also packed with a whole lot of wonderful. And most of that wonderfulness is found in viral videos, which capture epic moments in life and bring millions of people together to enjoy a brief clip of a cat playing the piano or a man getting hit in the nuts. While dads may not be thought of as the most internet savvy group in modern culture, they are often the inspiration for some of the absolute best moments online. From hilarious to heartwarming, these videos highlighted some of the top dad moments of this year.

Dad Accidentally ‘Breastfeeds’ His Newborn

This dad had the internet in stitches when posted a video of his newborn daughter accidentally ‘latching’ herself to his nipple. Naturally, there were a few trolls voicing their negativity but for the most part, people thought the video was equal parts hilarious and adorable.

Teen Daughter Gives Her Dad the Hand and Walks Off

Every parent who has raised a teen knows that no matter how hard you try, your kid is going to find you tragically uncool. This feeling was captured perfectly in a video where 17-year-old Ellie Delgado told her dad to talk to the hand before storming off. It’s the entire experience of parenting teenagers in one glorious video.

Dad and Daughter Parody Childish Gambino to Sell Girl Scout Cookies

When Seymore Harrison and his six-year-old daughter Charity decided to create a parody video of Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone’ to help her sell Girl Scout cookies, they probably didn’t imagine it would go viral. But it did and it resulted in Donald Glover meeting Charity on the Late Show and buying 113 boxes from her. Well done, dad.

Parody video finally made. Time to sell some cookies ???? *i don’t own the rights to this songs* #DonaldGlover #ChildishGambino #StayWoke #GirlScouts #Share #CarryOn #BuySomeCookies or #DonateTheCookies #GoalsMet #WeStillMovingCookies

Posted by Seymore Harrison Jr on Saturday, February 17, 2018

Parents Embarrass Their Teen Son By Dancing on the Jumbotron

While some parents look to avoid embarrassing their teenagers, other parents choose to lean in and let their freak flag fly. For example, these parents who hilariously humiliated their son by busting out their best dance moves when they were put on the Jumbotron during a baseball game. The teen tried to hide but that only made mom and dad dance harder.

Dad Keeps Daughter Calm By Singing as They Drive Through California Wildfire

Earlier this year, a wildfire known as the Camp Fire devastated much of Northern California, forcing countless families to flee their homes. When dad Joe Allen and his family evacuated their hometown of Paradise, Joe sang to his three-year-old daughter Olivia to keep her calm while they escaped the wildfire. If this video doesn’t warm your heart, check your pulse.

This was us leaving paradise not even an hour ago headed down skyway. I want everyone to know how much I’m thinking of you guys who are still trying to merge out of town. More than likely we won’t be coming home to our house, and many others won’t be as well. I’ve been updated, the hospital is on fire, and all of this breaks my heart. Please everyone get out safely. ❤️

Posted by Whitney Allen on Thursday, November 8, 2018

Husband Thinks Wife’s Sexts Are About Making Pork Chops for Dinner

When Dustin Sims’ wife told him she wanted to “try something a little different tonight,” he thought she meant cook something besides pork chops for dinner. The comedian and father of two decided to surprise his wife by picking up the kids and coming home early and needless to say, everyone was very shocked by what they found.

Well, now my kids need counseling ????‍♂️⚠️CRUDE LANGUAGE⚠️SC: dsimz09 IG: @_dustinsims

Posted by Dustin Sims Comedy on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Dad Takes Over-Involved Sports Parenting to the Next Level

An essential part of youth sports is parents that are way too into it but one dad took it to new heights when he “assisted” a distracted goalkeeper in blocking the ball by gently pushing him onto the ground as a player from the other team takes a shot. The video is absolutely ridiculous and genuinely hilarious, as even other parents can be heard laughing throughout the clip.

Comedian Highlights Eight Different Styles of Parenting

Jordan Watson has been making hilarious parenting videos for over three years with his YouTube channel “How to Dad” but he may have created his masterpiece when he broke down what he feels like are the eight different types of parents. From “helicopter” to “cool” parents, Watson nails every single type of mom and dad you are guaranteed to run into at your local PTA meeting.

Dad Dances to Celebrate His Son Being Released from the Hospital

When one-year-old Kristian Thomas, who was born with Down Syndrome and cancer requiring chemotherapy, was released from the hospital after 32 days, his dad Kennith was understandably excited. And the dance instructor dad decided to celebrate by doing an epic dance to “Level Up” by Ciara. The video is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


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