Special Needs Dog Learns to Use a Wheelchair, Leads a Happy Life

special needs dog




Along with the right support, special needs dogs like Hannah require proper training and guidance. She goes to hydrotherapy every week to improve her strength and mobility. Hannah is making fantastic progress with it thus far. Cassidy says that the vet recommends other therapies for her condition, but they are quite expensive.

Other needs emerge

Due to the costs, Hannah does not attend the additional necessary therapies. Cassidy says they also need additional supplies to make Hannah more comfortable. Her wagon is ripping on the side Hannah leans against, and they use it to transport her.


Additionally, they have been researching the right types of gear and outerwear for Hannah in colder temperatures. Hannah’s owners want her to enjoy the outdoors year-round, but her condition makes this challenging without the right equipment. If you’d like to help support their efforts, you can do so here.

Final thoughts: special needs dog finds a loving family to adopt her

Potential adopters often overlook special needs dogs like Hannah at shelters. People may get scared about the work or money involved in caring for these dogs. However, they still deserve a loving, supportive environment as much as any other dog.

Cassidy and her partner have worked hard to ensure Hannah has everything she needs. She does require various therapies and training, but Hannah’s moms don’t consider this a burden. In fact, they consider it a blessing to be able to help out a dog in need. Plus, Hannah doesn’t let her disability affect her outlook on life.

“Happy like Hannah is the motto that we use for her and is very much fitting of her.”


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