Some Sunscreens Contain the Carcinogen Benzene, According to Lab





Talk to your doctor about your skin cancer risks and decide whether you should apply it daily.

Other safe alternatives to sunscreen

 If you don’t like using conventional sunscreen, try these natural products instead. Keep in mind they may not be as effective as regular sunscreen, but they offer some protection.


  • red raspberry seed oil – SPF between 30 and 50
  • carrot seed oil – SPF 30
  • wheat germ oil – SPF 20
  • hazelnut oil – SPF 15
  • coconut oil – SPF 10
  • soybean oil – SPF 10
  • shea butter – SPF 6-10
  • zinc oxide
  • titanium dioxide

benzeneFinal thoughts on lab findings showing harmful benzene levels in some sunscreens

While not all sunscreen contains benzene, the independent testing lab Valisure made a disturbing discovery. Nearly a third of almost 300 sunscreens tested contained this chemical. 5% of the sunscreen products had a benzene level three times higher than the FDA recommended amount.

Valisure sent a petition to the FDA to recall all these sunscreens to keep consumers safe. Make sure to read the petition to find out which sunscreens contain benzene so you can avoid these at the store. All other sunscreens are still safe to use, however.


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