She Grew a Human. Give Her Something Thoughtful, Dammit.



Being a new mom isn’t easy: between all-night feeding sessions, hormonal upheavals, loss of personal time and space, and recovering from bringing a human being into existence through their very bodies, there’s a lot for a new mom to get used to. New motherhood is about many feelings, like joy and love but also extreme discomfort. The best gifts for new moms show that you really, truly appreciate what she just went through in birthing a human and this is your humble way of proving that to her. 

The brand known for its understated personalized jewelry has a necklace she’ll love: A 14k solid gold asymmetrical initial on a cable link chain, available in 14k white, yellow and rose gold.

There’s no better gift than a solid chunk of shuteye. So get her this smart light and sound machine combo, which helps her set a personalized sleep routine, wakes her up with a custom alarm clock, and plays soothing sounds and white noise to help her stay asleep.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can dry out her skin. It sucks. This cream does not suck. It’s full of seaweed and shea butter, to make her hands feel soft without ever being greasy. And it has a gentle, subtle scent that won’t gross her out.

There’s a reason they call it the fourth trimester. She’s had the baby, but still feels pregnant and is adjusting to her new normal. So she needs something to wear that’s chic, practical, and pretty. This lovely terry jumpsuit has plenty of pockets, and makes it easy to breastfeed. Plus, she can wear it on walks, or just to kick back on the couch for a minute.

From the brand known for its commitment to sustainable beauty, as well as using certified organic herbs, flowers, oils and grains from family farms, comes this sweet skin care set. There’s a bath soak, a healing balm, body oil, body milk, and a deep tissue lavender rub. A thoughtful gesture she’ll appreciate.

This relaxed two-piece set, made up of a racerback tank with boxer-like shorts, will make sure she’s always comfortable. Something any new mom appreciates.

Does anyone need cashmere slippers? No. No, they do not. Do they make her feel like she’s getting an instant foot massage? Yes. Yes they do.

No, she doesn’t have time to hit the salon. So bring the salon to her with this brilliant styler, which dries and styles hair at the same time without using extreme heat. She uses whatever attachment she wants to get waves or curls or shiny, straight hair.

While on the topic of me time, she can soak in the tub while immersed in her favorite book. Made from sustainable American materials, the caddy is finished with tung oil. It’s gorgeous and classic.

Made of ultra-soft cotton in a mini waffle weave, this perfect ensemble is ideal for lying on the sofa. Or taking a nap. Or going for a walk with a newborn.

With delicate hints of white musk, neroli, and ginger, this decadent body oil makes her tired skin feel supple and nourished.

Say it with us: Hot coffee. Once again. Hot coffee. Set her preferred drinking temperature and this smart mug keeps it hot for 1.5 hours on its own or all day when it’s on the coaster.

A sheet mask won’t replace getting a facial. But this variety pack of moisturizing, nourishing, brightening, and pore tightening masks will be an instant mood lift and give her some much-needed me time.

Engrave this gloriously simple silver bracelet with her name. Your kid’s name. A word that means something to her. She won’t take it off.

Sleeping on silk is cooling. It’s soothing. And she’ll wake up without tangled, matted hair. This particular pillow, made from 100 percent silk, will make bedtime that much more appealing.

Toggling perfectly between practicality and utter luxury, these wool-lined slippers to keep her feet toasty, and are made from resilient No.8 duck canvas so they’re utterly breathable.

This decadent balm, full of essential oils, will help her sleep like a baby. How? Ylang ylang flower oil, Melissa officinalis leaf, and lavandula angustifolia oil not only make her feel more restful, but rejuvenate her skin during the night.

Not that she needs one more thing to care for, but seriously, these plants need almost zero TLC. They’re no fuss, need low light, and are the perfect gift for the woman who loves growing and tending to greenery, but has minimal time to do so.

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