Scientists Find a Protein That Helps Make Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

early diagnosis of Alzheimers




early diagnosis of AlzheimersFinal thoughts about study discovering proteins that help make an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

In a new study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, scientists found proteins identifying Alzheimer’s much sooner. Specifically, a protein called SVEP1 is associated with increasing Alzheimer’s risk and triggering or driving the disease. Specific proteins in the brain signal the development of Alzheimer’s up to two decades in advance of diagnosis.

Perhaps this study will lead to earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and more advanced treatments.


The National Institutes of Health helped support the study with grants.

The team hopes to result in better treatments or earlier diagnosis of the deadly disease by learning this. Currently, no cure exists to eradicate or even slow Alzheimer’s. However, research may offer hope to Alzheimer’s patients, as identifying the proteins is the first step in preventing the disease.


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