Researchers Prove That Taking Breaks Can Actually Activate the Brain





activate the bodyFinal thoughts on how spacing out learning improves cognitive function

We’ve probably all crammed for an exam the night before a test, only to flunk or barely pass, to our dismay. If you ever wondered why this happens, now you have your answer. According to this revolutionary research, it seems that our brains can’t process that much information so quickly. According to the German study, spacing out learning helps activate the brain and rewire neural pathways more effectively.


So, after more than a hundred years, the study provides much-needed information about how neural processes affect learning. If we space out learning, it helps our brains retain the information for a longer time period. Of course, this comes with the cost of taking longer to learn the task or knowledge. But, it benefits us in the end because the knowledge sticks with us rather than going in one ear and out the other.

Hopefully, this study will lead to better ways of learning in the future. In our society, we always seem to want more, faster, without regard for consequences. This research, however, provides more evidence that slow and steady always wins in the long term.


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