Psychology Explains How to Declare Your Love to Someone Without Fear




5. Be Yourself

You want someone to love and care about you for who you are, so you need to show that to them when you declare your love. You feel you need to be everything the other party wants and more. However, you must be honest above all else.


If you start a relationship with false impressions of yourself or not being 100 percent honest, it can cause you many issues. Remember, you want to receive love for who you are, so that needs to be good enough.

You don’t need fancy dinners, candles, flowers, and gifts that cost more than you can afford to declare your love to someone. All you need is just to be yourself and show them how wonderful a gift you’re to have in this life.


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Final Thoughts on How to Declare Your Love Boldly and Without Fear

Once you put your feelings on the line, you’ll expect a reply with the same sentiments. However, some folks need a little more time to make such a declaration. According to Little Things, some people are cautious about uttering those three words.

The good news is that once they feel safe enough to say them to you, you know how hard it was for them and how much they mean it. While you may be ready to declare your love, someone else may need more time. You must have realistic expectations of the outcome, even if it’s not what you want.

You must remember that this person’s background and previous relationships dictate a lot to the situation. If they declared their love before way too soon, they might be a little leery of repeating it. While you should never hide your feelings, tell everyone but the person, and think that you need to make a lifetime commitment with your declaration, you do need to have patience.

If it’s true love that you feel, there’s no need to rush things. Let everything happen naturally. After all, this could be your soulmate and the one your heart will love forever.


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