Psychology Explains 3 Long-Term Effects of Toxic Grandparents on Grandkids

toxic grandparents




3.      They Can Ruin Family Relationships

Having toxic grandparents doesn’t just affect your development as an individual. It can also affect your relationship with your other relatives, especially your parents. Because toxic grandparents always stick their noses where they don’t belong, they can easily create conflicts between you and your parents. Of course, your parents are supposed to protect you.

So, when they let the grandparents take the wheel and dictate your upbringing, you will be inclined you blame them for everything wrong. And while they hold some blame for allowing the grandparents to interfere, they didn’t have a choice most of the time. When it comes to toxic grandparents, it’s usually either allowing them to meddle or cutting all ties with them. Your parents can’t just give up on their relationship with the parents that easily.

So, they often make the mistake of keeping them in your lives. When you grow up, you will be inclined to blame them for not being able to protect you. And, in most cases, that leads to you growing so distant that you end up cutting all ties. Don’t make that mistake. It wasn’t all the parents’ fault, and they just wanted to have their parents around.


toxic grandparents

Final Thoughts on the Three Long-Term Effects of Toxic Grandparents on Kids

Grandparents can be a blessing in your life, or they can be the bane of your existence. They can be kind people who want to see their kids and grandkids happy. And while their intentions might not be harmful, the truth is that they come from different times. They come from times when being vulnerable was seen as a bad thing.

You couldn’t follow your dreams during their time because that was not what was best for the family. And they often try to impose these same ideals on their kids and grandkids. The problem is that they often get away with it. Having toxic grandparents will negatively impact your development. You will slowly become more closed off and ashamed of your emotions.

You will stop asking for what you want and become a people pleaser. And you might even risk destroying your relationship with your parents because you’ll inevitably want to blame them for the grandparents’ behavior. Remember that grandparents aren’t always a positive influence, no matter how sweet they seem.


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