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In Avengers: Infinity War, everyone assumed that the Thanos snap was unbreakable, but what a new clip for Avengers: Endgame asserts is; maybe someone else can just snap their fingers again? On Monday, the Avengers Twitter account dropped a new clip from the actual movie, and it seems like the plan to save all the fallen superheroes is really much simpler than we previously thought.

Possible spoilers ahead. This is an officially released clip, but for some, this might be too much.

Unlike previous footage from Endgame, the new clip looks like a real-deal scene from the movie, in context with the plot, rather than several scenes cut together to confuse everyone. For that reason alone, if you’ve been hungry for Avengers updates, this is pretty significant.

In the scene, Black Widow is talking about how they should “use the stones again.” Rhoady echoes this idea saying “if he’s still got the stones…” implying that Thanos does, indeed still have all the Infinity Stones from the previous movie. All of this leads to a really obvious conclusion: the master plan the Avengers have is to go get the Infinity Gauntlet back from Thanos, and simply undo the snap that killed everyone in the last movie. Or as Captain America says, “just like that.”

Obviously, in the actual movie, there will be more to it than this, but the simplicity of this scene — and the plan to save the day — is jarring. Countless fan theories have always added some kind of time travel wrinkle to all of this, but what if there’s no time travel in Endgame at all? What if the solution to Infinity War is just to steal back a glove from Thanos while he’s sleeping?

Something more awesome and shocking will certainly come of all of this. But, for right now, it looks like at least one aspect of Avengers: Endgame is going to be a little more straightforward than we thought.

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