Neuroscientists Reveal a New Theory of Dreams and Why They Happen

theory of dreams




“Life is boring sometimes,” he says. “Dreams are there to keep you from becoming too fitted to the model of the world.”

This is undoubtedly an interesting new theory of dreams that captures the complexity of the human brain. It does make sense that our brains would create plans to escape from our otherwise repetitive existence. Hopefully, future studies will make even more fascinating discoveries about the purpose of dreams.


theory of dreamsFinal thoughts on a new theory of dreams and why they happen by neuroscientists

An exciting new theory of dreams suggests that we dream of a better understanding of everyday life. Neuroscientists compare our brains to machines in that both can perform complex tasks by learning specific datasets. However, our brains tend to get “stuck” in a particular learning pattern, preventing us from fully understanding reality. Scientists believe that we dream of understanding everyday life better and avoid overgeneralization.

Perhaps this study will lead to an even deeper understanding of this theory of dreams. Scientists have contemplated the meaning of dreams for centuries, but they’ve gotten a little closer to solving the mystery with this study.


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