Instagram Users Share The Sweetest Marriage Proposal Ideas Ever

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  • Take them to the location of your first date. Or, perhaps consider taking them to the place you first met. They will surely remember the moment you first crossed paths, so popping the question there will bring back fond memories. Take some wine, flowers, and the ring, of course, and pour your heart out to her. It’s hard to say no to a sweet proposal like this one!
  • Ask her to dance. You can hire violinists and do this at a candlelit dinner or a location with a ballroom. With dim, romantic lights and music in the background, ask for her hand in marriage. This sweet gesture will blow her away and make for a beautiful marriage proposal!
  • Set up a candlelit dinner on the beach. All you need for this is a table, a couple of chairs, candles, and roses. Once the sun begins setting, pop the question over a romantic dinner with the sound of the waves in the background. It’s a classic marriage proposal idea that never gets old!

Final Thoughts on Romantic Marriage Proposals

Whether you’ve been dating for a few months or years, your partner will surely be impressed with these engagement ideas. Of course, you’ll want to consider their interests when setting up the plan.


If they’re a nature lover, bring them to a secluded, quiet spot where you can pop the question with no distractions. Or, if they enjoy city life, consider a rooftop proposal at night with the city lights shining in the background. You could even have a romantic dinner overlooking the city as well.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to marriage proposals, but when you’ve found your true love, all that matters is that they say “yes.”


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