If Your Family Is Unhappy, You Might Just Live In The Wrong State

If Your Family Is Unhappy, You Might Just Live In The Wrong State


Whether it’s the school system, bullying, or overall cost to have a kidWallet Hub has given you a lot of reasons to relocate, whether it’s any of their business or not. And now they’ve managed to figure out what makes you happy and where you can find it across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Hopefully your kid likes salt, because the happiest state has a lake full of it.

Based on their analysis, Utah was the happiest state overall, followed by Minnesota, North Dakota, Hawaii, and Colorado. This was based on 28 key metrics, which surprisingly weren’t just sex and money listed 28 times, but were broken up into 3 categories: Emotional and physical well-being, work environment, and community. The most unhappy state was West Virginia, which may or may not be jealous of regular Virginia’s rank at 21. The sad states that followed were Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Don’t let that southern drawl fool you, it could just be a symptom of depression.

When you break down the states into one of 3 categories many disparities emerge, suggesting that a majority of states are mostly happyish. However, Utah, Minnesota, and North Dakota displayed consistent happiness rankings, whereas West Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi were bummers across the board. It makes sense. Utah is the home of one of the best toy stores in the country, and one where your kid will get married and move out ASAP. Everyone is happy because everyone wins.

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