How to Draw a Halloween Cat in 5 Simple Steps

How to Draw a Halloween Cat in 5 Simple Steps


Parents might think they can draw a cat. Kids might think drawing a cat is easy. And you know what? Drawing a cat is easy. That said, if you’re unsure as to where to start, we can break it down into simple steps. That’s why we’ve enlisted Fatherly’s resident professional artist Connor Robison. Learning to draw, or teaching your kids to learn how to draw shouldn’t be too overwhelming. These step-by-steps are here to demystify the whole drawing experience.

We’ve got a whole collection of Halloween-themed step-by-step drawing tutorials, meaning, you can start with a pumpkin, then draw a bat, a moon, and now, the final drawing to make the spooky art projects complete. A cat in a hat. No Halloween picture is complete without a black cat. Here’s how to draw a cat in 5 simple steps. Don’t be worried! When guided by a professional artist, that even the fuzziest whiskers are nothing more than three short lines.

What You’ll Need:

  • Drawing paper
  • Pencils
  • An Eraser
  • Crayons (optional)

cat drawing- 5 simple steps

First Things First, A Head and A Body

how to draw a cat- step 1 head and body

The head of the cat looks a bit like an upside-down oval. Start with the head, then from both sides trace a curved line down to form the body. Remember this doesn’t have to be perfectly straight or perfectly curved.

Eyes, Ears, Foot, and Tail

cat drawing step 2 ears and tail

Draw two smaller off-centered ovals side by side inside the head for the cat’s eyes. Beneath that, draw a small curved upside-down triangle for the nose. Two curved triangles on each side of the head will form the ears. Next, to draw the two front feet, start from the middle of the body and draw something like an extra-long “W”. Then, draw the two back feet on each side of the bottom. Finish up with a tail. As long and wavy as you would like.

Whiskers and Nails

cat drawing step 3

What’s a cat without its whiskers? Draw short lines on each side of the cat’s cheek. Next, draw an upside-down triangle inside the eyes to form its pupils. Then, use short curved lines, inside the foot. to highlight the cat’s nails. The cat’s mouth looks just like the letter w. Draw one underneath the nose then finish off with two short curves on both edges.

A Cat In A Hat

cat drawing step 4 no color

A cat in a hat is not complete without, well, a hat. Start off with a long curved triangle that extends from the cat’s ears. Then, draw a wavy semi-circle from one ear to the other for the brim. Finish this off with a small square in the middle of the hat.

Finishing Touches

cat drawing complete no color

Your cat’s hat looks perfect as is, but for extra detail, you can draw in a little belt at the top of the hat. Think of it as a square in the middle of two slim rectangles.

how to draw a cat complete with color

That’s it, you’re done drawing a cat! If you’ve been following the series, your set of Halloween drawings is now complete! Encourage your kids to come up with spooky names for the cat. Anything but Salem. Sabrina’s taken that one.


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