Here’s What the World Would Be Like Without the Beatles

Here's What the World Would Be Like Without the Beatles


Imagine there’s no Beatles. The next movie from Trainspotting director Danny Boyle is asking you to do just that. Not only does the new movie Yesterday look fantastic, it just might be the best feel-good movie of this summer.

Starring Himesh Patel, the movie revolves around the idea that after a global blackout, only one man, an aspiring musician named Jack (Patel), can actually remember the Beatles. When he plays “Yesterday” on his acoustic guitar, for a group of friends, no one has ever heard of Paul McCartney. One character even quips “Well, it’s not Coldplay. It’s not ‘Fix You.’”

The movie is written by Richard Curtis, who is probably most famous for his work on Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually. Not only does Yesterday seem to have the Curtis-signature heartwarming rom-com feeling, but it also looks like the kind of movie that could unite different generations of music fans. If you’ve got a teenage kid who is really into music, this is one film you can’t miss. But, even for couples with smaller kids, this looks like a great date night movie that is guaranteed to be good. I mean, you know the director and screenwriter make great films. Plus, you know the music will be good, too.

Himesh Patel as Jack, playing Beatles songs in a world without the Beatles. Credit: Universal Pictures

The movie also stars Lily James, Ed Sheeran, and Kate McKinnon, the latter who plays Jack’s music agent in America. It doesn’t look like Ringo or Paul will appear in the movie, but then again, with a movie like this, you never know. There’s even a little easter egg hinting at Paul’s famous bare feet at one point in the trailer.

Yesterday is out in theaters on June 28.


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