Enjoy the Stunning Work of a Modern Batik Artist 

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“My work doesn’t aim to say something in the literal sense, but what it aims to do is inspire people to create and to make people feel joyous. And I want, when people look at my work, to feel good like I feel when I create it.”


Here’s her advice for anyone wanting to become a Batik artist (or any artist):

“Don’t wait for inspiration, don’t worry, don’t try. Just start, play, with no destination. Just see where you end up, but start. Inspiration will follow, flow will follow, joy will follow, fun will follow – lots of wonderful marvels, amazing things, but you have to start.”

Final thoughts on the Batik artist who creates beautiful, unique works of art

A Batik artist living in London, Annie Phillips makes the world a little brighter with her stunning art. She’s always been an artist, but art gave her life a new trajectory in her early twenties. She began drawing each day to see where it took her. Years later, she’s still creating art because it brings so much meaning to her life.

She even sells her artwork on the home decor site Society 6. Make sure to check out her work if you’d like to spruce up your home or office area!


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