Brilliant Dad ‘Hamster Wheels’ Toddler at Airport

Brilliant Dad 'Hamster Wheels' Toddler at Airport


When it comes to traveling, a parent’s only hope for avoiding hours of tear-fueled misery is to make sure their child is either well-distracted or so depleted of energy they’ll conk out on the plane. One hero dad opted for the latter and was spotted by a passerby using an airport escalator to wear out his young son. In the clip, the dad’s reappropriated the lazy man’s stairs to function as a sort of hamster wheel for his son, holding him in place as he walks up the down escalator. Could he simply be encouraging his son’s wishes to walk on the opposite staircase? Sure. But, much like the Snapchatter who posted the video, we’d like to think of it as a brilliant bit of improvising by a father who’s trying to tucker out his toddler pre-flight.

A true hero!

Judging by the fact that the video’s received nearly five million views in less than a week, this dad’s creative methods certainly seems to resonate with parents faced with the difficulties of traveling with kids. Did the escalator trick actually help the son sleep on the plane? Who’s to say. But we should all tip our hats nonetheless to a man who’s making the most of his surroundings to help his kid pass out on the plane.


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