9 Nightmare Decisions You Should Avoid During Renovation

9 Nightmare Decisions You Should Avoid During Renovation


When people are planning a renovation or just buying something nice for their place, they often look at beautiful pictures online and in magazines. But they don’t always read the reviews of people that have already tried certain design ideas. For example, kitchen cabinetry without knobs looks amazing both in photos and in real life, but they are really inconvenient to use in real life.

We at Bright Side found out about which trendy interior design ideas may turn into a nightmare.

1. Kitchen furniture without doorknobs

Kitchen cabinetry without ordinary knobs, that opens by having you press the surface, looks really cool and modern. But in reality, the surfaces will all be covered in fingerprints and the opening system is not always that convenient.

The tip-on system will take a long time to get used to because we’ve always opened doors by pulling them. Also, you might accidentally press the doors with your knees, hips, or other body parts. Obviously, these systems also cost quite a lot of money.


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