9 Famous Actors Who Went to Extremes in Their Quest for Perfection

9 Famous Actors Who Went to Extremes in Their Quest for Perfection


When it comes to an interesting role, some actors are ready to give everything they possibly can to be as genuine and authentic as possible. And besides all those who learned to ride horses and wield swords for a historical movie, many actors take method acting too seriously. They truly believe there is no other way than to dive deep into the character copying his or her lifestyle and doing really weird things on and even off stage.

We at Bright Side have found some facts about famous actors who seem to be so dedicated to their roles that they tried to find really unique ways to portray them on the screen.

1. Tom Cruise worked as a delivery man to prepare for a role.

According to Michael Mann, the director of Collateral, one of the main characters was able to get in and out of any place without being recognized or remembered afterward. He could move unnoticed in a crowd and stay completely anonymous. So to prepare for the role, Tom Cruise had to make deliveries in the Los Angeles market. And since we don’t see many fans’ photos from that market anywhere it seems he managed to do it all quite brilliantly.


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