8 Ways Motivation Helps You Fight Depression, Anxiety And Stress




According to studies, motivation can help you manage these issues by increasing your levels of engagement with tasks. Motivation helps you:


  • Feel more satisfied with the work and jobs that you are performing
  • Become more involved in the tasks that you complete and are more eager to take responsibility for them
  • You are less likely to become disengaged to the point of abandoning your efforts

In this situation, intrinsic motivation is more valuable than extrinsic, and self-motivation is the key to improved engagement. You can still engage for external awards, but the effort is less likely to be lasting.

8.    It Makes You Comfortable With A Lack Of Control

No one can control every single outcome in life. But the fact is that things will happen whether you want them to. For those with depression, a lack of control can be terrifying. Moreover, the desire to keep everything under control can be overwhelming for those managing stress or anxiety.

When you have intrinsic motivation, you get fulfillment even from things that happen unexpectedly and that you can’t control. You become more aware that luck isn’t something you can dictate, and you find joy and enrichment in the ability to learn from whatever life throws your way. That’s a powerful thing to experience and can help you take the reins back from anxiety and depression. Ironically, being comfortable with a lack of control makes you more in control!


steal your joy memeFinal Thoughts On Some Ways Motivation Helps You Fight Depression, Anxiety, And Stress

It can feel tough not to be able to drum up motivation quickly. The catch-22 of needing the motivation to create motivation can be a problematic and paradoxical puzzle to navigate. This is especially true if you have too much stress, anxiety, or depression, which can impede your motivation when you need it the most.

Remember, there is no shame in asking for help from others if you need it. If you struggle to find the motivation or depression, anxiety, and stress make everyday life difficult, it’s good to seek help from a therapist or mental health professional. Trained professionals are capable of helping you manage your psychological issues while training you in motivation-building techniques.

Regardless of how you go about it, few can deny the powerful and impressive effects of motivation, especially intrinsic motivation. Building this kind of motivation can take a lot of effort, but the results speak for themselves and make it all worth it – significantly when your mental well-being improves because of it!


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