8 Signs You Grew Up in a Toxic Family

8 Signs You Grew Up in a Toxic Family


Tantrums, anxiety, hiding real emotions, and low self-esteem — sadly, some parents manage to pass down all of these negative qualities to their kids. Their egoism and indifference toward their children’s feelings make a huge impact on them in their childhood. As a result, kids start to criticize themselves, feel helpless, and have problems in their social lives.

The Bright Side team decided to study this topic to help our readers understand their inner world more. Knowing the reasons for our fears and anxiety can help us cure it and make our lives better.

1. You’re scared of manipulation.

It happens rather often that toxic families use manipulation to control other family members. On a daily basis, this behavior is not normal and turns into emotional abuse. This can make you feel like you trust the other people around you less and prevent you from having relationships. Feeling constantly manipulated by your family can also result in avoidance behavior.


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