8. Microsoft: The Best Places To Work For New Dads In 2016

8. Microsoft: The Best Places To Work For New Dads In 2016


Microsoft may not always get mentioned in the same breath as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, but by tripling its leave offering for new dads since last year’s list, it’s leapfrogged over 2 of them (Amazon’s at 21 and Apple’s at 28).

  • Headquarters: Redmond, WA
  • Number of employees: 112,076
  • Paid Parental Leave: 12 weeks
  • Industry: Tech
  • 2015 Rank: 16

Notable Father-Friendly Policies And Practices

  • Microsoft offers a childcare subsidy of up to 20 percent of tuition at national providers near its offices around the country.
  • HQ in Redmond boasts an on-site health care clinic that provides same-day appointments with doctors, physical therapists and, more importantly for your newly old back, chiropractors. The attached pharmacy will probably come in handy, too.
  • The company’s internal training program allows you to take classes taught by instructors from leading educational institutions either in person or online, so you can actually learn the skills that you bragged about having in your interview.

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