8 Hand Sanitizers Your Kids Will Actually Want to Use



True, washing hands is still the most effective way to get rid of the germs that cause COVID-19, but for those times when running water isn’t readily available, parents have to depend on kids’ hand sanitizers. Whether you choose a spray, gel, mist, or wipe, the best hand sanitizers for kids kill bacteria and germs without mercy while leaving a residue-free feel in their wake. When “safe” in public is a question mark and we’re all looking for a little less “natural” in our world when it come to microscopic bugs, these kid-friendly products help fill the gaps in your own vigilance. The sanitizers below contain at least 60 percent ethyl alcohol — the minimum for effective virus control, according to the CDC.

A note on safety: Kids of any age can use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, per the American Academy of Pediatrics, but adults should supervise those under age 5 to make sure they don’t try to lick, drink, or swallow the sanitizer, which can lead to poisoning.

While the company may be better known for its soaps, Dr. Bronner’s makes a wonderfully scented hand sanitizer in a two-ounce bottle. Available in two scents (lavender and peppermint), they’re all organic, and have so few ingredients you can count them on a single hand.

Whole Foods shoppers are well acquainted with its house brand, 365. If you’re already cruising the store’s aisles in person or virtually, it’s easy to grab one of these and know you’ll get the same performance of others in the line. It’s fragrance-free for children with sensitive noses.

This adorable three-pack of sanitizer mister attaches handily to backpacks or jackets, and kids get 300+ mists per package. Each hand sanitizer holder is refillable, reusable, and recyclable.

This kid-friendly sanitizer is a gel formula that contains 62 percent alcohol; you can choose between two scents: Wacky Watermelon and Pear-A-Palooza.

The fancy skincare brand now has hand sanitizer, and of course, the product is pretty stellar.

These animal-themed one-ounce refillable containers make hand sanitizer fun, and they attach to bags, jackets, and lunchboxes.

Stock up on this no-frills hand sanitizer that gets the job done; then, to make sure kids actually use it, pour it into fun containers that speak to them.

Made with a blend of essential oils, these stylish little suckers smell amazing and don’t leave a sticky residue behind. Each mister lasts for roughly 500 sprays and fits right into your kid’s pocket. Scents range from watermelon to citrus to berry.

This non-sticky sanitizer spray comes in several of the natural and understated scents that Honest is known for.

Not only does this trio include tangerine hand sanitizer, but you also get the brand’s tear-free bubblebath and vanilla whip lotion, too. All smell as perfect as you would imagine and are made with plant-based ingredients.

These are especially good to keep on hand for the littles. One wipe gets their paws clean.

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