7 Things You Can Clean Using Dishwasher Tablets

7 Things You Can Clean Using Dishwasher Tablets


Dishwasher tablets are designed to clean grease and remove hard stains that would otherwise be hard to get rid of by hand. But their abilities aren’t limited to cleaning dishes and cutlery — there are other household items that gather a lot of dirt that could use their help. So maybe you can start using these tablets around the house in ways you never thought possible.

Bright Side has a few unusual suggestions for how to implement dishwasher tablets in your daily household cleaning routine.

1. The oven door

All you need for this one is to hold a tablet in your hand and dip it in some warm water to soak up a bit. Then you can start rubbing the oven door with the tablet, dipping it in water every time it starts drying out. Make sure not to soak it for too long since it will crumble away before you get a chance to use it. Work the tablet in circular motions and you will see that it works wonders on the glass surface of the oven.

2. The toilet

You can put the tablet in some water and let it dissolve. Then you can take your brush, dip it in the dissolved solution, and start cleaning the inside of the toilet thoroughly. Not only can you do this, but you can also drop a tablet in the toilet water and let it dissolve a bit before you flush. This way, the entire toilet will smell very fresh and it will radiate cleanliness.

3. Burnt food on pots and pans

Accidents happen, and sometimes you burn something in your pan and it’s a nightmare to clean it afterward. That’s why you can leave a dishwasher tablet in the pan, cover it with hot water, and let it sit for a couple of hours. The tablet will dissolve and loosen up all the hardened oil and burns. You will find it very easy to clean the pan afterward since the tablet will have done all the hard work for you.

4. Coffee and tea stains

Dishwasher liquid detergent or compact tablets can clean tea and coffee stains on mugs and on carpets. For carpets, dissolve the tablet in some hot water, spray the solution on the stain, and gently work the solution all over the stain with a brush. Let it dry and, depending on the result, repeat the procedure.

For mugs, if they still come out of the dishwasher with coffee and tea stains, there is something else you can try. Fill your mugs with hot water and drop in a small portion of the tablet to dissolve. Let that sit for a while, then rinse and scrub it as you normally would with a sponge.

5. Give the trash can a fresh smell.

Trash cans, whether in the bathroom or another room of the house, can get very dirty, attracting countless microorganisms. That’s why it’s good to clean them thoroughly at least twice a year. What you can do is fill them as much as possible with hot water and drop a dishwasher tablet inside and let it dissolve. Leave it to do its job for a while and then rinse it nicely. You will definitely enjoy the resulting freshness.

6. Give patio furniture a good shine.

Patio furniture attracts all kinds of dirt, including dust, pollen, and even bird droppings. Instead of showering them with water, you can dissolve a dishwasher tablet in warm water and use a cloth to clean them. You can rub them the same way you would if you were to clean them with your garden hose and a normal cloth. We would advise you to wear gloves during the process so your hands don’t come in contact with the tablet.

7. Oil spills and crayon stains

Oil spills usually happen outside where you park your car or in your garage. Wherever it is, the procedure is simple to carry out. You’ll want to wet the area really well, then take one or several dishwasher tablets and start scrubbing the affected area. You will need to let it sit for some time and then you can rinse it really well with water.

If you have kids at home, you know how they like to use crayons and markers to paint all over your walls. This is easily fixed if you dissolve a tablet in some warm water. You will need to wear gloves for this one and get a sponge to dip in the solution. Then you can start rubbing away all the dirt and your walls will be clean again.

Will you be trying any of these hacks yourself? If so, we’d love to hear your results.


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