7 Life Hacks That Help Royals Avoid Awkward Situations

7 Life Hacks That Help Royals Avoid Awkward Situations


Just like celebrities, royals are always under the camera’s lens. The public discusses every step they take, every gesture they make, and every look they create. That’s why they have to watch their appearance like nobody else. In order to always look perfect, royal ladies use some small but helpful tricks.

We at Bright Side studied many fashion forums and found out which hacks help modern representatives of monarchs always look stunning. The bonus at the end of the article will tell you how Princess Diana managed to outwit the media and cut her hair so that nobody noticed it.

1. Redesigning old clothes

Unlike many public figures, Kate Middleton never feels shy about showing up to different events wearing the same outfits. In order to make her clothes look fresh and modern, Kate redesigns them by changing small details. In 2013, the duchess appeared in public wearing a coat that she had already worn 2 years before. But this time, she replaced the belt, which made the overall look shine with new colors.


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