4 Stress Reduction Techniques Most People Ignore





Stress Reduction Technique #4 – Practice Self-Care

Self-care is something that everyone should incorporate into their life. It has many physical benefits, but it can also improve your mental health significantly. Practicing self-care is all about those little moments in which you make yourself a priority. You do something because it makes you feel good, which can significantly improve your mood.

Many studies show that people who engage in self-care report an improved quality of life. Self-care relaxes you more than most activities, and it triggers relaxation responses. These responses are the opposite of the “fight or flight” response, so they help lower your stress levels. But that’s just on a biological level.

Most benefits are emotional and psychological. For example, taking a bubble bath or doing some skincare can make you feel way better about yourself. Pampering yourself boosts your confidence and helps you relieve some of your tension. It can also provide you with some time alone that you so desperately need.


It can give you the time to sort through your thoughts and understand what you need to do. And self-care doesn’t even need to be sophisticated. Taking a bubble bath, getting a massage, or even doing a hair mask qualifies as pampering. Do your hair, paint your nails, or even go for a walk. Do whatever you want to do as long as you treat yourself.

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Final Thoughts on Stress Reduction Techniques Most People Ignore

Everyone has had to battle overwhelming stress at some point in their life. Stress is a normal, biological reaction to adversity or threat. And it’s even beneficial in small quantities. Stress can help you focus and get over whatever pressures you feel. But continuous anxiety or chronic stress can have lasting impacts on your life. It can cause depression, anxiety, heart problems, diabetes, etc.

But there are ways through which you can manage your stress. And most people either don’t know them or don’t talk about them. For example, having a balanced diet and exercising can balance your hormone levels. Even a routine 10-minute workout can instantly improve your mood. The same goes for having a healthy sleep schedule. If you get enough sleep and you make sure you are rested, your mental health will be better. If you need quick fixes, you can always try self-care and meditation. Taking a warm bath, walking, or just breathing and focusing on your thoughts can make you feel great. Relaxing can go a long way in releasing all that tension. When you deal with those stressors, all you need to do is focus on yourself and what you need.


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