4 Signs an Ex Wants to Reunite and 4 Reasons to Stay Apart





3.      They Might Not Care Anymore

Even if your ex shows signs that they want to get back together, they might not desire it for the right reasons. It’s painful to think that someone who was once your world only wants to reunite for selfish reasons. But that’s a real possibility that you have to consider.

Breakups are hard, no matter if you want them or not. You get so used to having a specific person in your life that it can be hard to readjust to being alone. Because of that, your ex might want to get back together because they don’t want to be alone. Or maybe it’s not love that they feel anymore. Perhaps it’s just lust, or, even worse, they might be bored. Unfortunately, you can never be sure how pure an ex’s intentions are. Just make sure that you emotionally prepare yourself for a situation where they let you down again.

4.      You Could Just Be Settling if You Decide to Reunite

One of the biggest fears people have is being alone for their whole lives. We don’t want to imagine a world where we are old, lonely, and have cats as companions. Because of that, people tend to settle for whatever they can get, especially if they had their hearts broken in the past. Instead of moving on and searching for a person who finally deserves you, it seems easier to stay with someone comfortable.


An ex is someone you know. You know how they act around you. You know what they like and don’t like and how to manage them. They are someone comfortable. But, in most cases, they are not good enough for you. Or you aren’t compatible. You should never settle, so you shouldn’t jump at the occasion to get back with your ex.


Final Thoughts on Signs an Ex Wants to Reunite and Reasons to Stay Apart

Relationships are complicated affairs. You fall in love with someone, only to lose them after a while. Breakups hurt, and people would do anything to avoid them. But they are inevitable.

Even after a breakup, your ex might want you back. They might keep in touch and remind you of all the good times you’ve had. But don’t just jump back into a relationship with them. Sometimes it’s safer to stay away from an ex. Otherwise, you risk getting hurt or even hurting them. Don’t just settle for what you know. In many cases, there’s someone better out there waiting for you.


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