4 Reasons Never to Give Up On Yourself

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·         You May Be Past The Point Of No Return

There comes the point in your journey where you’ve made enough commitments that you can’t simply turn around and go back on them – but ironically, this is where many people cut and run. The pressure heightens, and things can feel overwhelming, so people sacrifice everything they’ve done to throw in the towel and escape to a safe zone that is now no longer reliable. It’s a shame, and you’ll be much worse off if you go back on yourself than if you see things through and then fail.

·         Assuming You Are Always Almost There Can Keep You Going

An “almost there” mentality can fill you with positive thinking and help keep you moving forward. It’s a great source of intrinsic motivation, which studies are reasonably clear is the most positive way to develop a healthy sense of self-determination. It makes you want to seek success for your sake, not for any external factors. When balanced well with the ability to congratulate yourself on progress and the achievement of milestones and goals, and “almost there” way of thinking fuels your drive forward in powerful ways.


·         You Truly Are Always Almost There

People often assume that success will be a massive transformation, so they tend to give up on themselves when they don’t see that significant change in their lives. But that’s not the case at all. That significant change is happening all the time. Every step you take towards your personal goals, you’re actively participating in that evolution. Don’t forget that you’re always almost there because you’re continuously improving and moving towards your new goals and achievements. The transformation happens all the time!

As a disclaimer, remember that being “almost there” doesn’t mean you have to work yourself to the bone. There is a difference between giving up and simply taking a rest to recharge. There is no shame in needing to rest even if you genuinely are almost there. A little break to focus on self-care can be the best thing you can do for yourself to push yourself through the finish line.

giving upFinal Thoughts On Some Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Yourself

Giving up on yourself is never the answer. It’s okay to take breaks, but remember that you have the power to move forward, learn from failures, claim what lies ahead, and finally reach your goals!


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