35 of the Most Unique Boy Names That Start With ‘B’

35 of the Most Unique Boy Names That Start With 'B'


Finding the perfect name for your soon-to-be son is one of the first and hardest decisions for new parents. There are tons of pros and cons to consider (what it means, how easy it is to pronounce) and likely no shortage of suggestions from friends and family. The good news is you’ve narrowed it down to a baby boy name that starts with ‘B.’ That’s a bold decision, but the truth is you can’t go wrong with boy names that start with B. Whether you’re looking for a B name that’s short (Beck), long (Barlow), super-masculine (Bruno), or more gender-neutral (Bowie, Blaine, Bently), names that start with B have range. If nothing else, these 35 ‘B’ names for boys will give you a few new ideas, and get you closer to the name that feels right.

  1. Barlow
  2. Barrett
  3. Barron
  4. Barry
  5. Baxter
  6. Beck
  7. Beckham
  8. Benson
  9. Bennett
  10. Bently
  11. Berkley
  12. Bevan
  13. Blaine
  14. Blake
  15. Bodhi
  16. Bowie
  17. Bradon
  18. Brady
  19. Bradley
  20. Brandon
  21. Branson
  22. Brecken
  23. Brent
  24. Brennan
  25. Brett
  26. Brian
  27. Brice
  28. Broderick
  29. Brody
  30. Brooklyn
  31. Brooks
  32. Bruno
  33. Burke
  34. Byron


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