3 Things in Life That Aren’t Worth the Effort




Secondly, me-time lets you recharge your energy. It ensures sufficient recuperation, so you’ll be energized when you get back to your usual daily hustle and grind. If you’re not well-rested, you won’t be able to do all the things you want to do or make progress in many areas of your life. Here are some additional things to keep in mind for getting good me-time:


·         Say No

Saying no to others can be difficult, but you don’t want to stretch yourself too thin. It would be best if you learned to put up boundaries and turn people down, even when it’s difficult. Choose how you spend your time and what commitments you make wisely. Don’t freely donate your time to anyone and everyone!

·         Rest Often

There’s an incorrect belief out there that rest equals a lack of productivity. Reality is actually to the contrary. Working a lot with insufficient rest will burn you out, leading to decreased quality, worsened performance, and a significant lack of efficiency. On the other hand, committing to rests and downtime has an overwhelmingly positive effect on efficiency and productivity, often to surprising amounts! So let yourself rest and give yourself a break.


·         Don’t Compromise On Set Me-Time

There should be a minimum amount of time that you must have to yourself, no matter what. It’s a boundary both for others and for yourself. You must get a specific amount of rest like this per week, and don’t compromise on that. Nothing, barring truly extenuating circumstances, should encroach on that.

3.    Don’t Stop Learning

Learning doesn’t stop just because you’re older and out of school. There are always new things to discover, and there is always other knowledge to collect. Repeatedly broadening your horizons isn’t just incredibly worth the effort. Still, it also helps you focus your energy on productivity instead of things that aren’t good for your time or effort.

It’s important to continue finding new areas of knowledge to expand your mind into. This way, your free time is used efficiently, and you continue to build lifelong, useful skills. Here are some ideas for ways to keep learning:

  • Take a class for a new skill.
  • Find a mentor for a current skill.
  • Read, whether non-fiction or fiction.
  • Travel and immerse yourself in other cultures
  • Try a new hobby
  • Learn a language
  • Learn to play a musical instrument
  • Teach yourself something crafty
  • Do puzzles and games.
  • Surround yourself with intelligent people

effortFinal Thoughts on Some Things in Life That Aren’t Worth the Effort

No one wants to waste their effort on things that aren’t worth it, so take heed! Avoid doing things that only take up your energy and focus on becoming more efficient, productive, and grounded with positive thinking.


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