3 Red Flags That Reveal Emotional Neglect




People who live in neglect are the ones who will try their hardest to stay away from society and gatherings. They don’t easily trust people because they fear relying on them. They know that people have hurt and forgotten about them throughout their life, and they don’t want to end up in that situation again.


People on the receiving end of emotional neglect learn to be independent and self-sufficient. Plus, if they are currently in such a situation, they don’t have the emotional strength to trust new people. If you know someone who shuts you down and seems mistrustful of people, don’t just brush it off. What you are witnessing might be a cry for help.

emotional neglect

Final Thoughts on Understanding the Red Flags That Reveal Emotional Neglect

Emotional neglect is something so horrible that no one should live through it. Unfortunately, it happens way more than anyone would like to admit. People are selfish, busy, or don’t care enough about others, so they neglect them. The one doing the neglecting doesn’t stand to lose much from their actions.


But the neglected will be so affected that they might never fully heal from the abuse. Neglect is, unfortunately, way too common, even amongst children. Parents get so caught up in their busy work schedules or other endeavors that they don’t make the time for their kids. But that means that those kids will never have their needs fulfilled, which will negatively impact their development. Of course, neglect can happen in all different relationships, from romantic to family relationships.

Neglected people have to live with that pain every day. Consequently, they will have a tough time communicating and properly conveying their emotions. They will not understand how to express their feelings, mainly because they don’t see them as relevant. Or, in some cases, they might even feel numb and void.

Neglected people also have a hard time trusting others because they don’t want to risk getting hurt again. Or it might be because they have a terrible view of themselves and don’t see themselves as worthy of love. If you notice any of these red flags, make an effort to reach out and help.


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