22-Year-Old Marine Veteran Is Raising Boys From Troubled Homes

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He wanted to teach young boys how to become men. The idea of raising boys himself didn’t come along until later when he realized they had nowhere else to turn.

As far as educating the young men, here’s what the Marine veteran has done so far:

  • Workshops on automotive repair (oil change, brake repair, alternator replacement, water pump replacement, etc.)
  • General contractor workshops (toilet replacement, light fixtures, sheetrock, interior/exterior painting, woodwork, etc.)
  • A weekly book club that’s hosted every Monday for the boys to attend after school. It helps to boost reading comprehension and build vocabulary skills.
  • The boys also get to receive sex education and have a place to release any stress or issues in a non-judgmental environment.
  • The X for Boys has hosted two successful summer camps that King Randall did both years out of his home.


King Randall says the workshops provide great tools for the boys to learn how to make money legally. Learning trades such as these can give them set goals for a positive, stable future.

Final thoughts on the 22-year-old Marine veteran who’s raising boys from troubled homes

King Randall, a young Marine veteran from Albany, Georgia, has stepped up to the plate for boys without fathers. He runs an organization called “The X For Boys,” which teaches boys how to become men. They get to learn important skills like automotive repair, home improvement, and reading comprehension. Not only that, but they get to have a positive male example in their life. King Randall hopes to open the charter school soon to help even more young men realize their potential.


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