20 Ways to Respond to Negative Criticism From Your Loved Ones

negative criticism




19. Ask If They’re Offering to Help

If this person is so bold as to criticize you, then maybe they’re willing to help. If they tell you that you need to dress better, ask them for a few tips and pointers. Perhaps they want to go shopping with you and pick out some new clothes.

20. Not Now

There is a time and place for everything. If someone has some critique for you, you have the right to tell them it’s not a good time.

Maybe you’ve already had a bad day, and you can’t bear any more drama. Telling them not now is a polite way of saying you don’t have time for their negative criticism.


negative criticismFinal Thoughts on Responding To Negative Criticism

You learn from family members who’ve been through many experiences in their life. However, having lived through some troubles doesn’t ever give you the right to be rude to someone else. Negative criticism will only drive a wedge between you and the person you love, especially when they love to pick out your faults.

The best way to combat this type of person is to consider the source. Does this individual tend to be a bit nosey and talk down to everyone? If so, you need to learn to let it roll off your back. If their comments bother you too much, it’s best to avoid them.

However, there could be some truths hidden behind all that negativity, and you need to find out what they’re trying to say and apply it to your life. If they tell you that you need to improve your cooking as the potatoes you made are awful, you may need a cooking class.

The key is not to let constructive criticism be misconstrued because you wear your emotions on your sleeve. You can learn and grow with the help of those around you, and you can also put naysayers in their place.


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