20 Open-Ended Questions That Reveal a Toxic Person




14. What did you think about the event?

After watching a show or performance or attending an event, this is a good question to ask. Toxic people will talk negatively about the event, pointing out the things that went wrong. A positive person, however, will talk about things that they loved at the event.


15. How did you handle that situation?

When you ask someone how they handled a situation, their answer can reveal if they are toxic or not. If the person continually blames others for what happened rather than explaining a solution, they are likely toxic.

16. Will you tell me about a time when you were in the wrong?

Positive people should always be able to admit when they are wrong. So, when you ask someone about when they were in the wrong, most people should have a good answer. A toxic person will downplay the situation or say that they can’t think of anything at all.

17. How do you feel about the new rules?

If a policy or regulation changes, asking this question can reveal a toxic person. A toxic person will have complaints, and they won’t say anything positive about the situation. On the other hand, a positive person will have some good things to say, even if they disagree with the rules.


18. What happened between you and them?

If you know someone who has a bad history with someone else, asking what happened can answer your questions. If the person jumps into a long-winded rant about the other person, immediately recalling the drama, it is a red flag.

19. What do you think you should do next?

This question can help you understand the person’s mindset. If their answer is positive and helpful, it’s a sign that they are thinking the situation through. On the other hand, a toxic person will say there is no other option and essentially give up.

20. What was the last thing you helped someone with?

A toxic person won’t want to help others because they are always trying to get the upper hand. They would rather watch someone struggle and miss out than lend a helping hand. Asking this question can help you see if they are that type of person.

open-ended questionsFinal Thoughts on Open-Ended Questions That Reveal a Toxic Person

Toxic people are everywhere, but if you can identify them, you can handle the situation better. Asking these open-ended questions will help you recognize toxicity every time.

Find the open-ended questions that fit into your situation and conversation. Listen closely to the person’s answer so you can see if they are a toxic person or not.


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