18 People Whose Faces Are Light Years Away From Matching Their Age

18 People Whose Faces Are Light Years Away From Matching Their Age


Even for those who consider themselves skilled at guessing someone’s age, this article could be the challenge. Some people seem to fool time and pretend to be 30 years old when they’re 13, or look 17 when their ID says they’ve lived longer.

No matter how good you are at figuring out people’s ages, Bright Side wants to show you a compilation of photos that we hope will amaze you as much as it surprised us.

1. “13 going on 83. This is my sister with the Toni home perm in 1987. She told me to burn this picture.”

2. “Me, aged 17, first time letting my beard properly grow”

3. “Everyone thinks I’m, like, 17, especially with this long hair. I turn 30 in 6 months.”

4. “The greatest picture of me: 7 or 43, with a mortgage, an ex-husband, and five cats?”

5. “Being 30 with baby face syndrome”

6. “That time when my mom got me glamour shots…”

7. “I’ll be 30 this year, and I’m excited!”

8. “Here, I look like a 30-year-old actor trying to pass as a teen in an early ’00s soap opera.”

9. “23M, glasses or no glasses”

10. “Me (right), looking like an assistant manager at Applebee’s at my middle school dance”

11. “I’m older than my friend behind me.”

12. “12-yr-old me flying with Jack”

13. “I’m my own grandma…”

14. “I get mistaken for being a teenager all the time. My friends convinced me to do a ’13 or 30′ themed birthday this year!”

15. “13 or 30?”

16. “That time in the early ’90s when I was 12 going on 54”

17. “How can I look older? I’m 31.”

18. “Started balding at 14. I’m actually only 23, surprisingly.”

Would you like to look younger than your age? Why?


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