15 Offline Activities To Help Train Children’s Brains





14. Build a Slip and Slide

Forget those store-bought slip and slides that don’t last long. You can build one yourself for hours of fun. In fact, you might want to slip and slide along with the kids.

All you need is a strong tarp, some dish soap, and a garden hose. Spread some soap around on the tarp and wet it down till it forms bubbles. The soap enhances the sliding abilities, and your children will have a rough time.

This is one of the offline activities that will burn calories too. As far as their brains, it can help with motor skills and teaching them to establish boundaries.


15. Offline Word Searches

Word searches and crossword puzzles have been around for centuries. You can pick up one of these books for under $1.00, but they provide hours of entertainment. Sure, you’re three-year-old isn’t going to like these offline activities, but it can really help the older kids.

offlineFinal Thoughts on Offline Activities

If you’re tired of your kids being hooked to a device all day long, then it’s time to show them some alternative activities to enjoy. Once you open the door to allow their creative imaginations to run wild, the sky is the limit.

Plus, most of these activities allow you to spend quality time with your kids. When you’re laughing, talking, and creating memories, it just enhances the brain. Sure, you’re busy, and life goes 100 miles per hour, but you will blink, and your children will be grown.

Take the time now and invest in your relationship while doing good things for their little brains. Many of these skills they cultivate will follow them throughout life. One day they will teach their children about stuff they did in the “old days,” and you will remember each one with glee.


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