15 Kind Ways To Tell A Partner That Things Are Moving Too Fast

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You will learn about each other’s passions and what sparks their interest the most. Plus, you can take notice of their characteristics as you watch them interact with other people. The way your partner treats others says so much about their character.


12. I’ve noticed I haven’t been doing my hobbies since we started spending much time together. I also realized that I needed to spend some time doing other things.

Instead of spending all of your free time with your partner, take some of that time for yourself. When you give all of yourself to someone, things tend to move too fast.

Let them know that you aren’t ignoring them, but you are simply doing what you enjoyed before. Once they realize your relationship doesn’t change when you spend more time apart, they will be more comfortable.

13. I’m happy that you feel good about our relationship, and I do, too. I’m just not ready to take the next step yet.

In most cases, reassuring your partner that you are happy in the relationship will help alleviate the shock of your request to slow down. If they aren’t okay with it, you can find someone much better that will respect you.


14. I love to spend time with you, but I’d like to slow down and get to know each other better.

This conversation will likely be uncomfortable no matter what, so focus on the positive aspects. Saying that you want to get to know each other better improves the situation because it helps your partner understand. They will realize that you aren’t breaking up but that things need to calm down a little.

15. I want to spend time with you, but I need more time before things get serious.

Telling your partner this way is perfect because it is straight to the point. There is no reason your partner should get offended about it, and it makes your boundaries clear. A good partner will always respect your wishes.

moving too fastFinal Thoughts on the 15 Kind Ways To Tell A Partner That Things Are Moving Too Fast

There is nothing wrong with taking things slow in a relationship, even when happy. Even if you are in love, there is no reason to rush living together, getting married, or anything else you aren’t ready for.

You might encounter someone that isn’t okay with taking things slow. If that is the case, find solace in the fact that they weren’t the right person for you. Make your boundaries clear, and understand that a reasonable person will respect you when you say things are moving too fast.


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