15 Items From Amazon That Will Save Space Even in the Tiniest Apartment

15 Items From Amazon That Will Save Space Even in the Tiniest Apartment


No matter if you live in a small apartment or in a big house, you definitely know that every square foot counts. And if you’re renting a tiny studio, you need some creativity to make it functional. From clothing racks to floating shelves, there are plenty of ways to maximize your storage space.

Here at Bright Side, we believe you can make your small apartment more spacious. And we gathered 15 products from Amazon that can make storage space where there seems to be none.

1. A table top ironing board you can take with you when you go on vacation.

2. A compact utensils set that will save you plenty of space in the kitchen.

3. A toilet paper stocker that’ll allow you to save storage space in the bathroom.

4. A stylish ottoman to store clothes that don’t fit into your closet.

5. A floating bedside table that attaches to the wall to save even more space.

6. A rolling trolley cart to optimize the space utilization.

7. A spice rack that’s perfect for storing your herb jars.

8. Floating wall shelves that’ll turn the space on the wall into a storage area.

9. A cascading wall organizer to save space in your home office.

10. A slide-out utility organizer that creates extra storage area in your bathroom.

11. A floor lamp with shelves that allows you to store your favorite books.

12. An entryway storage organizer that’ll make finding your keys in the morning so much easier.

13. A jewellery stand that’s perfect for your extra-long necklaces.

14. A lightweight folding table you can move around your apartment as needed.

15. A hanging shower organizer to keep all your toiletries.

Do you have any space saving ideas you’d like to share with other Bright Siders? Which of these items can help you add extra storage to your apartment?

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