15 Habits to Help Overcome Painful Memories

painful memories



12. Divert Your Mind

Every time you start having negative thoughts about the past or your mind goes to that hostile place, combat it with a diversion. This is a great trick for those who suffer from anxiety too. When you start remembering the feelings and events that happened, divert the thoughts with something more pleasant.


For instance, if you keep remembering standing on that stage auditioning and feeling like a fool, why don’t you recognize the time that you nailed your lead at a board meeting. Using the power of positivity and diversion tactics can change your life.

13. Restart Old Hobbies

If your hobby was signing or being in show business, you might be inclined to give it up after being so hurt after a bad audition. Why do people abandon the things they love after one mishap? The key is to get back out there and prove that you can overcome what held you back.

When trouble comes, don’t abandon the ship so quickly. Get back up and fight another day.


14. Use Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are an excellent way to change your mindset from negativity to more of a positive one. Start each morning by telling yourself that you can and will get over the things that have left a negative imprint on your heart. You can move forward when you learn to lay down your burdens.

15. Do A Vision Board

Vision boards are all the rage these days because they work so well. You need to acknowledge where you are now and where you need to be in the future. You can have fun with these boards and use them to chart your progress on issues and life in general.

painful memoriesFinal Thoughts on Overcoming Painful Memories

There’s scarcely a person alive who doesn’t have some pain or trauma that they need to heal from. Why do some people move on with ease while others are stuck in a rut of rumination? The folks who learn to process the traumatic events and move on are the ones who fare better.

It’s time to overcome the things that have happened to you. Yesterday was the past, and you don’t live there anymore. You can and will conquer the painful memories that plague you when you learn to utilize practical tools to work through them.


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