15 Habits to Help Overcome Anger

overcome anger




11. Laugh

Rage drains you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Another way to overcome anger is to use a little fun. Are you feeling angry and ready to snap at someone? Try watching a good comedy or do something that will make you laugh and relax.

12. Time Your Anger

Your life is too short to waste on energy-zapping frustration. Make a deal with yourself that the next time you’re in a fury, you only have an allotted time for it. If you need to set a timer and allow yourself 15-20 minutes to grump and growl, then try to stay calm the rest of the day.

13. Repeat Your Mantra

Trying to bring yourself down from a fit of fury isn’t always easy. However, some people successfully overcome anger by meditating and repeating a mantra, silently or aloud. Pick one that speaks to you, like “Peace and calm” or “I can beat this.”

It’s a way of using the law of attraction to manifest what you desire. As you validate your sense of calm and feelings of positivity, the Universe agrees, and it happens. Use your mantra to boost your affirmations.


14. Write in Your Journal

Journaling takes you into your singular world, and you’re free to speak your mind. Write as if to a trusted friend and reveal your frustrations and angry thoughts. It may help you feel better by offering yourself compassion and permission to vent.

15. Express Your Anger Maturely

There are times when any reasonable person would have a right to be mad. The key is how you react and how you voice your feelings. You have a right to tell someone that they have offended you to the point of anger.

Try to speak in a calm voice that isn’t threatening or escalates the problem. When you address the issue without hurling insults and curses, the offender is more apt to listen and apologize. If not, walk away and keep your distance until amends are made.

overcome angerFinal Thoughts on How to Overcome Anger

It’s only human to be angry when people or situations are hurtful. Although you can’t undo the past, you can choose how you react. Dispelling wrath and bitterness can bring you the peace you need for a joyful life.


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