15 Clever Places Where Celebs Keep Their Awards

15 Clever Places Where Celebs Keep Their Awards


Winning an award is something meaningful and exciting for everybody. It is a reward for our efforts that makes a very positive mark on our lives. Many of us still hang our awards on the wall or place the trophies in the living room cabinet and show them off to our visitors. Celebrities face something similar, and some of them came up with very creative solutions to display their awards.

Bright Side looked into what stars do with their trophies. Stick around to discover the ingenious places where celebrities keep their golden statuettes.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer won her first Oscar for Best Actress for the movie Silver Linings Playbook, which she starred in with Bradley Cooper. But the actress revealed that it felt weird to have the statuette at home and that it emitted a strange vibe, so her parents took it with them to their Kentucky home and placed it on top of the piano. Before moving on, JLaw had her Oscar in a hallway next to a bathroom.


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