15 Celebrities and Their Look-Alikes From the Past That Baffled Us

15 Celebrities and Their Look-Alikes From the Past That Baffled Us


Scientists say that there’s a fairly good chance that each one of us has at least one doppelgänger: a person who we’re not related to, but looks just like us. Given the size of our world, it might be difficult for us to find our look-alikes, but thanks to the internet, people who look like celebrities get more quickly noticed.

That’s why we at Bright Side made a list of celebs and their long-lost twins from the past that might surprise even the most skeptical people.

1. “This is my friend at age 13. He looked exactly like Natalie Portman.”

2. “My friend’s boyfriend had a great-great-grandmother who looked like Steve Martin if he were in a Victorian-era cross-dressing comedy.”

3. Roman Emperor Severus Alexander and Eminem

4. “My great-great-grandfather looks just like Matthew McConaughey.”

5. Industrialist Paul Revere and Jack Black

6. Henry David Thoreau and Ellen Degeneres

7. A man from a medieval painting and Sylvester Stallone

8. “My dad looks like vintage Dexter (Michael C. Hall)”

9. A man from a 19th century portrait and John Krasinski

10. Journalist Rose Wilder and Maggie Gyllenhaal

11. “My grandpa looks like Danny DeVito.”

12. “My grandpa looking like Tom Hardy.”

13. Novelist Zora Neale Hurston and Queen Latifah

14. “My great-great-uncle looks like Captain America, 1910s.”

15. This person’s grandma who could be Taylor Swift’s long-lost twin.

Do you or any of your family members look like a celebrity? Share your photos with us in the comment section below!


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