14 Celebs Over 80 Who Are Still Going Strong as Ever

14 Celebs Over 80 Who Are Still Going Strong as Ever


We all know time leaves its mark on anybody, but these celebrities demonstrate that you can do it gracefully while loving life as much as possible. Betty White still jokes around after having just turned 99 years old, and our admiration for her has no limits. Jane Fonda is also a staggering beauty at age 83, and all the productions she stars in have “success” written all over them.

Bright Side gathered 14 celebrities over the age of 80 that teach us how elegance, a love for work, and positivity can help you win the battle of time.

1. Jane Fonda, 83 years old

In 1962, Jane Fonda was a global star in the movie industry. And nowadays, not much has changed. She still looks as beautiful as she did back then, and her fitness routine likely has a lot to do with it. As of today, her VHS tape, Jane Fonda’s Workout, was one of the most popular of all time, and acting-wise, the TV series she stars in, Grace and Frankie, is also a great hit.


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