12 Things We All Have at Home but Only Few Know How to Recycle

12 Things We All Have at Home but Only Few Know How to Recycle


Every day, a single person can generate up to 5 kilos of waste, and if we add together what everyone on the planet produces, that would be 2 billion tons of waste every year. However, not everything that is discarded is garbage, as many of these things can be recycled, and others can even be turned into fertilizer for plants.

At Bright Side, we were amazed to discover that several of the objects we use every day can give life to totally new and, at the same time, cool things. So we’ll share some of these things and how to give them a second chance.

1. Old underwear

Old bras, panties, and general clothes that you would think aren’t reusable are useful as stuffing for fabric dolls or small cushions at home. Even if you have a pet, they can be used to make a toy ball that dogs and cats might really enjoy.

Another option to consider when giving old bras a second chance is to look for non-profit organizations that receive these types of garments as donations for people who do not have access to them.


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