12 Reasons You Should Leave the Emotional Roller Coaster




No doubt, depression, anxiety, and constant worry can get you so down you don’t feel like lifting your head from the pillow. However, today is a new day, and it’s time for a new you. The beauty is that once you cut away these toxic ties, you won’t even recognize yourself.


12. Negativity Has Chipped Away at Your Innermost Being

Some folks think that the most horrible thing in a relationship is cheating, but alas, some things are much worse. Did you know that negativity is the cold hand of death to a couple? Constant pessimism can eat away at the roots of your relationship, causing unrepairable decay.

Negativity will cause your relationship to lose its specialness, and it can cause you to withhold trust, attention and harbor unforgiveness. When you get out from under all this negativity, it will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.


emotional roller coasterFinal Thoughts on the Emotional Roller Coaster

Barton Goldsmith Ph.D. is a writer for Psychology Today. He states in recent writing that many people are afraid to leave relationships for a plethora of reasons. However, the most noted that some people become accustomed to emotional blackmail and think it’s a way of life.

When you’ve lived on the emotional roller coaster for so long, you might think that you’re the “crazy” one. Blackmail and manipulation often work this way, but you can decide that enough is enough. Stop calling your connection a relationship when it’s nothing more than emotional terrorism.

Sometimes, there’s too much pain to overcome. If you’ve stopped growing together and fight more than you’re civilized, you deserve better. It would help if you began to rebuild your esteem and self-worth so that you don’t ever have to live like this again.

Know your worth, and don’t let anyone take you for granted. Simply put, get a lawyer, and get out! There’s a whole world waiting for you, and you’re wasting your time on an emotional roller coaster that’s doing more damage than you will ever know.


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