12 “Priceless” Pieces of Advice That We’d Better Not Give to Parents

12 “Priceless” Pieces of Advice That We’d Better Not Give to Parents


We bet every parent has come across unsolicited advice on how to raise their kids at least once in their life. Neighbors, relatives, and friends are eager to share their “priceless” experiences and opinions on how the baby and their parents should behave and build their lives. At the same time, most of them simply don’t take into account the fact that a method that worked with one kid can be absolutely non-applicable to another one.

We at Bright Side are recalling 12 annoying pieces of advice that parents hear most often. And we’re confident you have more to add to this list as well.

1. “Sleep while the baby is asleep.”

There are kids with whom it’s easy to do house chores. They remain in the same place wherever you leave them with a toy or a book. Other kids don’t leave their parents’ arms and are ready to shout louder than a siren if their mom gets distracted for just one second. It’s oftentimes easier for parents of the latter group to sacrifice their rest than mop the floor with the baby in their arms. But it doesn’t mean they don’t get tired or don’t deserve support.


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