12 Habits to Help Sharpen Your Parental Instincts




10. Work on Problem Solving

As a parent, you will likely want to fix all of your child’s problems for them. You must resist the urge, though, if you want to sharpen your instincts. Watching your child figure things out alone helps them with problem-solving while helping you recognize unique things about your child.


Working on problem-solving can help you see how they process things and what their thought process is like. Knowing these small things about your child can help you identify what your child is thinking or doing without asking them.

11. Trust Yourself

No matter the situation you find yourself in, trust yourself to do what is right. Choose your first response because that is your parental instinct.

Even when you have a ton of options, your first one is usually correct. Then, if you have time to think it through, you should exercise that option. However, many parenting experiences require a quick reaction.


If you follow your gut instinct, you will likely solve the problem. Even if it wasn’t the perfect response, it is better than questioning yourself before reacting.

12. Pay Attention to Rules

Paying attention to the rules will surprisingly help you sharpen your parental instincts. Rules are different everywhere, so understanding and enforcing limits is essential to hone in on your instincts. In addition, knowing what to expect can help you address your child appropriately for every situation.

parentalFinal Thoughts on Habits to Help Sharpen Your Parental Instincts

When you feel like you don’t have all the answers, that is okay because no one else does, either. In an instant, your parental instinct will kick in, even if you don’t realize it. That first reaction or thought you have is your instinct, so trust yourself to do the right thing at the moment.

Remember that you know your child better than anyone else does or ever could. You will know what they need or what the right choice is, so follow your instinct and pay attention to your thoughts. Your ability to adapt to your child’s unspoken signs is greater than you realize.


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